We Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Proucts

All our products are plant based, septic tank safe, grey water safe, cruelty free and best of all this doesn’t compromise on cleaning performance. Even more exciting than all of that good stuff, is that we ONLY use locally NZ made products, because we love to support local. Visit the Eco Store and Born In New Zealand, to learn more about the quality products we always use. We ONLY use products from these Amazing companies. Visit their websites and see what they are doing for NZ…

All products are derived from plant-based ingredients, ensuring they are completely Eco-Friendly and safe for the environment. These products are also Septic Tank Safe, meaning they are designed to break down naturally, without causing any damage to your septic system.

They are also Grey Water Safe, meaning that the water from your laundry, shower, or sink that has been used with these products can safely be reused for other purposes such as watering plants, without any harm.

In addition, all our products are Cruelty-Free, which means that no animal testing has been involved at any stage of their production.

The Eco Store are a passionate company about all things Eco. All of their cleaning products are bio-degradable and more. They have a wide range of solutions for all cleaning situations. Born in NZ Household Cleaning Solutions is our next, “Go To”, company for cleaning products that contain pure ingredients only from Nature. Born in NZ Mould Remover, Kills stubborn mould & Germs. A fast result can be seen without much effort, simply spray and watch it disappear! Unbelieveably it is made from natural ingredients, (BioGro certificate organic formula).  

We are 100% Eco Friendly & The Best Home Cleaning In Auckland!.