We are 100% Eco Friendly

All our products are plant based, septic tank safe, grey water safe, cruelty free and best of all this doesn’t compromise on cleaning performance. Even more exciting than all of that good stuff, is that we ONLY use locally NZ made products, because we love to support local. Visit the Eco Store now and Earthwise, to learn more about the quality products we always use. We ONLY use products from the Amazing companies below. Visit their websites and see what they are doing for NZ…

Not tested on Animals.Eco Shop.

We are a passionate company about all things ECO.All our cleaning products are bio-degradable and we source all our products from The Eco Store. We can get your house sparkly clean with no nasty chemicals. Which is better for you, your family, your home, your health and this beautiful world.


We love Earthwise. Their products are more than Eco Friendly, this company is passionate about reducing plastic packaging in NZ. They are one of a handful of companies, working hard in this area and we support them 100%. New Zealand’s current plastic packaging problem, like other countries, is at unacceptable levels. Our NZ, is a beautiful Country, lets do all we can to keep it that way.